2 Months to Train for a 5K
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January 18, 2017

  So you’ve decided to run a 5k to propel your New Year’s resolutions for a good cause. Yet you’re not a conditioned athlete and you’ve only got 2 months to get into fantastic shape. Here is a holistic, jumpstart approach to not only have you finish the 5k but to have you sprinting to the end in the best shape of your life: START STRETCHING EVERYDAY Flexibility is key to both performance and to limit your potential for injury. A middle-aged exerciser can expect 2 to 3 exercise-related injuries per year......

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5 Tricks I Use To Get Celebrities Camera Ready
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January 07, 2017

With all of the award shows going on, celebrities are under the microscope the second they step onto the red carpet and therefore need to m ake sure they show...