Top 5 Foods For Athletic Performance
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January 10, 2017

TOP 5 FOODS FOR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE   For some reason, we’ve been brainwashed by a multi-billion dollar industry into thinking that the best way for athletes to perform better is to buy the latest supplement craze in sports performance at a supplement store. From energy drinks to pre-workout powders to during workout goo gels, we’re always looking for the competitive edge. The hilarity comes when we think that it needs to be engineered in a lab. The truth is, Mother Nature is hands down the greatest engineer of performance supplements.   While......

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Sexual Chocolate: Nature's Naughty Yet Healthy Indulgence
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January 05, 2017

Throughout much of history, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac. From the world’s most famous lover Casanova, who was known to drink Cioccolata at Café Florian in Venice and considered...