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Today, we have an skilled group of friends talking about “FOCUS LIKE A CHAMPION ” here whose stories will empower you to take your life to the next level.

First, I have my new friend SACRAMENTO KINGS SHOOTING GUARD BEN MCLEMORE. Then, my new friend KANSAS JAYHAWKS SPORTS PERFORMANCE COACH ANDREA HUDY is here with her “TOP 5 WAYS TO TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE.” Lastly, I’ll be giving you your weekly challenge to help you live the life you want, the way you want it.

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My first guest was the 7th pick in the 2013 NBA draft by the Sacramento Kings. He played 1 year for the Kansas Jay Hawks, where he was a finalist for the coveted John R. Wooden Award. He’s known for his athletic ability complemented by his outstanding jump shot. His size, style of play and unique set of abilities have garnered comparisons to NBA sharpshooter Ray Allan.

Please welcome my new friend BEN MCLEMORE.

“I always dreamed of calling myself an NBA basketball player.”

“Coming from a winning program to a lottery team that needs help you are a big aspect to getting that team to the next level.”

Check out Ben’s answer to this question:

You were the #7 pick this past year by the Kings. When you are a lottery pick in the NBA draft, you’re usually a primetime player from a primetime school that just had a winning season. Yet lottery picks go to teams who struggled the previous year. How was it like for you to transition from a championship level team as it’s top player to a developing team as a rookie?

“Going into the NBA, you have to learn different styles of playing the game.

Check out Ben’s answer to this question:

You played 1 year in Kansas then straight into a lottery pick. Yet even at such a young age of 21, fans expect you to be an immediate superstar at the highest level. How do you stay humble and focused on your long-term goals?

“My goals is for people to look back and say that guy Ben McLemore was a superstar and all-star. I spend the offseason on what I need to work on to get to the next level.”

When you first arrived at Kansas, you had to immediately overcome adversity, as you had to redshirt your freshman year. How did you muster up the fortitude to believe you’d get back out there and keep your game sharp enough to still compete at the highest level?

You experienced customized strength training at the highest level by our next guest, Sports Performance Coach Andrea Hudy. What was different from how you lifted weights in high school versus training with a sports-specific elite coach like Andrea?

“I didn’t lift at all coming out of high school. Kansas working with Hudy is where it all began right there.”

“My strength coach can tell you that the techniques I have and intensity I have in the weight room are different than the rest.”

“I didn’t have that person to push me. Hudy told me I can be a great athlete and get techniques from the gym to improve my game on the floor.”

“I was the skinniest guy on campus at KU 185 pounds. I put all the hard work and dedication with Hudy and I think the coaches I got up to 200 pounds all muscle. It happened so fast. I was afraid would the muscle help me on the floor and training helped me adjust to it.”

“How many people can say they competed in a dunk contest? SO blessed such an experience.”

My next guest is here to give you her Top 5 Ways TO TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE.” Please welcome my new friend KANSAS JAYHAWKS SPORTS PERFORMANCE COACH ANDREA HUDY.

Short Bio:

Andrea Hudy is the Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Performance at the University of Kansas and author of “Power Positions.”  She oversees the daily operations of the Anderson Sports Performance Center and the training of all sports except for football.  In her 20 years as a performance coach, Andrea has been a part of nine national championships while at both the University of Kansas and the University of Connecticut.  Hudy has worked with 37 athletes who have gone on to the NBA and 22 athletes who have gone on to the WNBA.  Andrea was named the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Coach of the Year in 2012.

“It takes a village to build a culture. The values, morals, and culture we create at this great institution is a secret weapon.”

“I am willing to do anything to get the job done. I was that kid who would do anything to get the win. It was kind of like fear factor when I was growing up and I feel like I have been raised that way.”

Top 5 Ways to Train Like an Athlete:

  1. Train and condition on your feet and have the proper intensity and purpose
  2. Take advantage of rest and recovery
    • Proper Sleep and Nutritional needs
  1. Train with a competition mentality
    • Having a will to compete takes no physical preparation
  2. Train with discipline
    • Commit to what it takes to win
      • Do you know what it takes to win?
  1. Train with teammates/use teamwork
    • Do you have a support network or system?
    • You can’t do it on your own

  This Week’s Challenge is to focus like a champion

In today’s high tech world with unreasonable demands, distraction is around every corner. Everyone is demanding our attention, and with social media, emails, television, phone calls, work and personal demands, it’s become near impossible to stay focused on the task at hand and the path to success.

While multi-tasking is an important skill, it lowers our intelligence, which actually hurts our productivity and our skill level. Even worse, our brain lights up from overstimulation from doing multiple things at once, giving us an emotional high as a reward.

The problem is we lose out on quality over quantity, and never really get things done. This applies to your job, your fitness, and your personal well-being. At work, focus will lead to higher quality output. In the gym, you’ll have better results in less time with focus. At home, you’ll have stronger bonds, as the quality of time and experiences are what are remembered and cherished.. not the duration.

 So how do you develop the focus of a champion? First, start working in shorter bursts. Schedule block time for projects as well as personal and fitness. When you’re at the gym, eliminate all distractions. Don’t be that guy sitting on the leg extension machine at the gym with a newspaper or cell phone in hand. I recommend running your workouts on a timer instead of counting reps so you stay on point.

Next, do whatever takes the most mental energy first. This goes for work, fitness, and personal life. For example, get your creative work done first when you need the most brainpower and then run through emails. In the gym, go after the most challenging exercises when you’re physically warmed up and mentally primed for the challenge, not at the end of the workout. At home, schedule time with your family when you still have mental bandwidth. If you are completely burnt out from your day and then are going to spend time with your family, you won’t be able to give them the attention they deserve. I know, this one can be easier said than done.

Lastly, schedule some time each day to get things done when the rest of the world is asleep. I am personally an early riser, and I like to have some of my biggest productivity of the day when the rest of the world isn’t distracting me. Base this focus goal on whatever is important to you that you are having problem focusing on. For example, if you have problem getting in your workouts, maybe get up 30 minutes earlier and get it done first thing. Any other physical activity after that point is a bonus.

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