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Today, we have a ripped group of friends talking about “MODEL BEHAVIOR” here whose stories will empower you to take your life to the next level.

First, I have my good friend here in studio AMERICA’S MOST TRUSTED FITNESS PROFESSIONAL CLARK BARTRAM. Then, my new friend FASHION AND FITNESS MODEL ALEX TURNER will be in studio give you his “TOP 5 WAYS TO STAY DISCIPLINED.” Lastly, I’ll be giving you your weekly challenge to help you live the life you want, the way you want it.

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My first guest has earned his reputation as “America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional.” In everything he does, Clark puts forth 100% in the hopes that he can benefit men and women who care enough about themselves and the people they love to “Live the Lifestyle.”

You’ve probably seen Clark on the cover of your favorite magazines as he is one of the fitness industry’s most successful models, having graced the covers of over 130 magazines and inspired millions of viewers as the co-host of Kiana’s Flex Appeal on ESPN and a regular presenter on HSN and QVC. He’s even starred in several action movies, including Hunter Prey and Batman: Dead End and Batman: behind the mask.

Because Clark loves reaching as many people as possible through his work, he’s also become a prolific author. You can find his byline in IronmanFitness Rx for MenThe Leading Edge, Max Sports and Fitness and more. He’s also written several fitness-related books, starting with the He followed that up with Spiritually Fit, and his most recent book is the absolutely incredible Where Your Mind Goes, You Go.

Please welcome my good friend CLARK BARTRAM. 

“I’m 51 now and feel like I’m 18. I hanging around athletes that challenge me like a man. You’re buff but can you come out here and perform?

“It’s like you’re playing chess. What’s 3-4 moves ahead to take advantage. While successful in one thing I am thinking what am I going to do next.”

The new theory of evolution. Clark was the cover model for the infamous evolution of man advertisement from EAS back in the day.

I remember when your kids were as young as mine are now. How has growing up with 2 parents as leaders in the fitness industry helped your son on the field?

Listen to hear Clark’s answer to this question.

“Speaking of football, one of my favorite commercials was the Snickers commercial when the quarterback gets a concussion and the coach asks, “where are we?” We’re in New York. Who am I? “You’re coach.” and who are you? I’m Batman. Now Clark, you actually ARE Batman. As you starred as Batman in batman Dead End as well as a new documentary Batman: Behind the mask. What was it like to play this super hero?” 

“You get in you get out you get it done. Brevity and being smart and getting the most out of your workout is key.” 

Listen to hear Clark’s answer to this question:

“Our focus this week is on Model Behavior, as for you, modeling is not about simply building your body but developing a platform to express a positive message of living a healthy lifestyle. You’re actively involved with the Prison Fellowship/Operation Starting Line as a national artist doing in-prison evangelism. What’s it like going into the prisons to change inmate’s lives?”

“You have to understand what you can bring to any profession. A healthy attitude is part of it.”

“If you bring value to anything in life, you’re an asset.”

“The first ten minutes of the day are vital to how you are starting your day. Do something to set yourself up on the right path.”

“Get out of your own way!” 

My next guest is here to give you his “Top 5 Ways To STAY DISCIPLINED .” Please welcome my new friend FASHION AND FITNESS MODEL ALEX TURNER

Alex Michael Turner is a fashion and fitness model and an anti-bullying advocate.

He’s transformed from a 5 ’10 in 111 teen to a roughly 200 pound cover model for fitness and fashion magazine as well as romance novels.

He is the founder of the #LiftOthersUp Project, which targets bullying and creates and advocacy against it! With this being National Bullying Prevention Month, I knew he’d be both an inspiring and authentic expert.

Tell us about your transition in 2007 from a 5’10 111 pound kid into a roughly 200 pound cover model?

We are both huge proponents of the health mate far infrared sauna. How are you enjoying you sauna and how do you incorporate it into your fitness plan?

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  1. Have a plan to follow.
  2. Create structure in your life
  3. Surround yourself with accountable individuals
  4. Take the mistakes or downfalls you have and learning from them, to keep from letting them hold you back.
  5. Lift OTHERS up and giving back will always help keep you disciplined.

“I was always small and picked on. Made school tough for me, and as I grew up through high school I watched ways treated and respected my brother. I started getting in to bodybuilding to protect myself and it turned into a passion.”

“We create agreements in our head how that tell us we have to be a certain way or act a certain way all based off of others opinions that really don’t matter.”

“Once you can look about everything about yourself and realize I appreciate it and what you possess is unique to you.”

“Something as simple as a compliment changes people’s lives each day.”

Respect is a huge personality trait modern-day society seems to lack and making sure to take the knowledge, skills, or tools you have to help others WILL create a healthy balance in YOUR own life!

Thank you so much Alex for firing up our discipline. Where can we follow you and learn more?


This Week’s Challenge is to think outside of the box

In January 2002, I packed everything I could fit into my 2 door Honda Civic and headed west to San Diego — leaving behind the stability of the corporate world in Chicago. I had no job waiting for me, and I stayed in a spare bedroom at my Aunt’s house. I knew I wanted to turn my lifelong passion for health and fitness into a career, but I wasn’t sure how. Upon arrival in San Diego, I quickly found a job as a personal trainer with an emerging training company inside of a health club in Escondido.  Dedication and determination were words that defined me, but frustration took over after a year.  Burnout set in from 50-60 hours a week of personal training with only a moderate income.

The biggest obstacle to my success as a personal trainer was learning how to make personal training a lifelong career rather than a job.  Most personal trainers are transient and use personal training as a filler job between college and a career.  They leave the industry feeling there is a financial ceiling and that all they can do to make more money is to raise their rates or work more hours. They have the heart for helping others, but not the business savvy to succeed long-term.

The frustration of this obstacle led me to almost leave the fitness industry for ‘the dark side’ — and take a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative. However, I will never forget a conversation I had with CLARK that transformed the way I looked at this industry. Clark told me that the day earlier he had a photo shoot for a construction company of only his forearm and that there are so many ways to monetize in this industry if you’re willing to think creatively. He inspired me to think outside of the box and to use all of my skills to provide people with a combination of goods, services, and information that will better help them reach their goals.

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