THE EMPOWER HOUR EPISODE 43- “Crossover to your best you!”

Good morning and welcome to the Empower Hour on ESPN RADIO, I’m your host Kyle Brown.

Today, we have bouncetastic group of friends talking “CROSSOVER TO YOUR BEST YOU” here whose stories will empower you to take your life to the next level.

First, I have my friend former WNBA SUPERSTAR founder of Women’s Professional Basketball Alumni. RUSHIA BROWN. Then, my friend Darren Casey, THE THRIVALIST and GO-TO GUY FOR BUSY- ELITE ENTREPRENUERS will be calling in from the UK with his “Top 5 Reasons You Fail To Get Results In Your Body and How This Impacts Your Business.” Lastly, I’ll be giving you your weekly challenge to help you live the life you want, the way you want it.

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My first guest is a former WNBA SUPERSTAR who played 10 years oversees, 6 years in Cleveland, and 1 year in Charlotte.

She’s the founder and president of the WPBA, which is the Women’s Professional Basketball Alumni.

She now travels the world empowering youth to follow the Passion Principles.

Please welcome my friend RUSHIA BROWN.

So Rushia and I both speak on behalf of the NATIONAL POLICE ATHLETICS LEAGUE (PAL) with the NATIONAL BASKETBALL RETIRED PLAYERS ASSOCIATION and actually met speaking in Harlem during the NBA All-Star game. 

“Every day when you least expect it you have a story about the powerful impact you’ve made by the lives you’ve touched.”

Listen to hear Rushia’s experience working out with Kyle and professional speaker Shaun Derik in a Pal shirt, basketball shorts, and combat boots!

“Initially I didn’t even want to play. Walking around at 6 feet in the 9th grade all the coaches wanted to pull me in.”

“The competitive gene was always in me and once I had a ball in my hand I fell in love.”

Listen to hear Rushia’s answer to this question:

“I always like to hold athletes as I do anyone in the public eye to take that platform and speak and act as a role model who leads by example. Heck, I think the same for every adult and every parent regardless of the public eye. What are your thoughts on athletes, specifically professional basketball players, and their roles and responsibilities to be a role model?”

“Athletes shouldn’t be the SOLE role model for a child, we should lead my example and do positive things for the kids looking up to us.”

“There is a difference between the NBA and the WNBA, but there is a very high level of competition.”

“At 21 years old, I went the state to live in a foreign speaking country by myself. It forced me to grow up and do things on my own. Oversees, athletes come over and choose to be the American. I made a commitment to live the culture.”

“I speak Italian, Spanish, and French. Spending time oversees taught me a lot about myself and the exposure is something I want to pass on to my daughter.”

“When it comes to fashion, it varied by country finding my sizes. In Korea, you can have something customized and back to you in 24 hours.”

You’re quite the fashionista as well. Where’s been your favorite place to shop internationally and how’s it like finding clothes in your athletic size?

Listen to hear Rushia’s philosophy behind The PASSION Principles and what the acronym stands for:




Setting Goals

Inner Strength


Never give up

The Go-To Guy For Busy Elite Entrepreneurs Darren Casey here with his “Top 5 Reasons You Fail To Get Results In Your Body and How This Impacts Your Business.”

The Thrivalist to Entrepreneurs and business owners

Creator of the GetleanELITE Mastermind and the ‘3 day shred’ retreats

From the UK, Darren Casey has fast become the ‘go to guy’ for business owner to transform how they show up in a body of health that transforms their finances, save them time, invites relationships and more, stress free. 

“Top 5 Reasons You Fail To Get Results In Your Body and How This Impacts Your Business.”

  1. Morning Choices
  2. Unplug/Taking time out to yourself
  3. Posture Care
  4. Hydration
  5. Random Workouts and inconsistent eating patterns

Bonus #6: relationships, self-worth

Thank you so much for your empowering insight. Where can our listeners continue to follow your journey? 

This Week’s Challenge is To JUST SAY NO!

I remember the first time I had to turn down a girl who mustered up the courage to tell me how much she wanted to be with me. She was nice enough, and would have made a really good friend, but she wasn’t a good match for me. Even though I wasn’t remotely interested in a relationship, I wasn’t clear and direct because I was non-confrontational by nature and I wasn’t sure how to tell her know without hurting her feelings or changing the dynamic of our somewhat friendship.

So I took a more standoffish approach and avoided her and her flirtations and ended up coming across in her mind like a jerk and she quickly lost interest.

Why trying to be the nice guy, I ended up coming across as a jerk and even worse a bully. All because I couldn’t clearly and directly tell her I wasn’t attracted to her in that way. Well, I have to give myself a break… I was only 14.

While this is just a basic example, saying no and standing your ground can be incredibly challenging for many. From saying no to peer pressure of drinking or eating unhealthy food to saying no in participating in a business opportunity to saying no to attending an event or continuing something that isn’t still best serving you, being able to say no can be more challenging to some than skydiving out of an airplane.

There are a few keys to understanding both the necessity of saying no as well as the cause behind what makes us say yes so much in the first place.

The first variable most of us don’t understand in micro-economics is called opportunity cost. Opportunity cost refers to the loss of potential gain from the other alternatives when one alternative is chosen. For example, when I was younger, I used to think either “well this opportunity could grow into something amazing” or well I don’t have anything better to do.” Many times, neither of those turned out to be true statements.

As an entrepreneur, this can be deadly. For example, by choosing one opportunity because it seems exciting, it can take you away from your focus working on another opportunity. If this happens to often, you’ll end up overworked, overstressed, and with nothing fully accomplished.

So what’s the best way, time, and place to say “no?” Look at each opportunity that is thrown your way and don’t say yes right away. Instead, think, “If I say yes to this opportunity, what other opportunities could I be missing out on? Is this opportunity have better long-term potential than the other possibilities? Or is it not exciting enough that it is worth missing out on something amazing that could come my way any moment?

Now I’ll admit it whole-heartedly that this has been one of the toughest challenges for me personally. As a go-giver by nature, I love to help others achieve their goals beyond their wildest dreams, think open their minds to the greatness that is within. And being in the public eye, I am constantly contacted by people and organizations who desire my help.

So my challenge to you this week is to just say no. Don’t be too afraid to hurt the other person or party, just remain real and authentic, because if it is not fully in your best interest, your apathy or even worse disdain for saying yes will in the long run be harmful to everyone involved.

Thank you for listening to the Empower Hour. Remember that we’re live every Saturday from 9-10 on ESPN Radio 1700AM. You can listen live on your radio or from our ESPN livestream, or download our podcast on itunes and connect with us on facebook.

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