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Today, we have a world-class group of friends talking “DREAM BIG” here whose stories will empower you to take your life to the next level.

First, I have my friend Ironman champion and triathalon mentor CAMERON WIDOFF. Then, my friend Founder and CEO of Spadaro Fine Fragrances friend Kim Spadaro will be here with her TOP 5 WAYS TO OVERCOME Obstacles From Health Set Backs.” Lastly, I’ll be giving you your weekly challenge to help you live the life you want, the way you want it.

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My first guest is known as one of the greatest triathletes of all time, having been a 15 time top finisher at the Ironman World Championships—7 of those times as a top 10 and 4 of those times as the top American.

Not only was he the 1997 US Professional Triathlete Champion, but he was the 2000 Ironman USA Lake Placid Champion, the 2001 Hawaiian Airlines Double Champion, winning both the Ironman World Championship in Kona and the Nissan Xterra World Championship in Maui and 4 time Wildflower Long Course Champion.

Please welcome my friend Cameron “Wildman” Widoff.

“I wanted to go to a place that no one had ever been before.”

“When I was in high school swimming well, the same discipline I used for fast high school and age group swimming, those tools I learned then I still use to this day.”

Listen to hear Cameron’s answer to this question:

“Not only were you one of the top triathletes of all time and on the cover of Power bar during it’s hay day, but you still hold High School swimming records in our tiny little hometown of Woodstock, Illinois. At what point did you dream big enough to think that a kid from a small farming town of Woodstock could become a world-class athlete?”

“My whole push was to go to medical school. With my physiology study, I understood really quickly I needed to be in higher altitude. Studied Kenyans, who were living at 5-7k feet. Swim coach Steve Aavang connected me to Jessica Biel’s Dad, who was also a swimmer at Woodstock High School.”

Listen to hear Cameron’s answer to this question:

“Even once you made the decision to become a professional triathlete, you still had to Dream Big. You Hung dry wall and worked in other various construction jobs in order to earn enough money to continue competition. Lived in car for two years to make dream possible. The media dubbed you Wildman because of your dreadlocks and vagabond lifestyle. Tell us the story of how you earned this name and your infamous “Will Race For Food” swim trunks.”

“I was taught cutting edge swim technique by Top Olympic Swimming Coach and the man who the pool at Indiana University is named after James E. Doc Counsilman.”

“I knew if wasn’t going to medical school I needed to go all in.”

“In life, I believe it is an all or nothing principle. Either you go for it and you make it or you go for it and you don’t. Either way, you make it because you tried.”

“Early on, thinking about marketing and how differentiate myself. Only 3 or 4 guys were making real money as a triathlete. Started by branding myself with dreadlocks.”

“I think that small town positive energy was really good and I can’t thank my parents enough.”

Listen to hear Cameron’s story about the guys in France having his running gear for him when he was supposed to cycle.

“I told the race director I am going to come to your race and win your race. If I win the race, you pay for everything. First place of 6,700 people you pay for the food, travel, everything. And I went to the race and won the race!”

Kyle’s story about training side by side with Cameron:

“You and I were actually in the pool together once. It was a moment I guarantee you don’t remember, but I remember clearly. It was early morning open swim at Woodstock High School in 1997, the year you were US professional triathlon champion. I was back from break at Indiana University and as Water Polo player, was in the best swimming shape of my life, and was feeling super confident swimming laps in the pool with my water polo ball. I had swam a few laps when I saw you walk in, with the wild hair, jump into the pool, and start your warm up laps. On your warm up laps, you flew past me like Michael Jordan driving to the lane against a kindergartener. At that moment, I first saw what world class swimming really was all about and you inadvertently taught me a lesson on humility.”

“I learned very early on that you have to cheer on everyone. It was that kind of respect I always brought to the game. But I never feared anyone. The thing that helped me not fear anyone was my hard disciplined work ethic. It’s kind of like showing up to a gun fight with a knife.”

“On thing I took away from Michael Jordan is he would always talk about Pippen, Horace Grant, everyone else but himself. It came from a level of humility. These guys pass me the ball and then I make it happen.”

Thank you Cameron for sharing your empowering story. Where can we continue to follow your journey? is going live next week but in the meantime message me on and I will connect you


Kim Spadaro Founder and CEO of Spadaro Fine Fragrances

She has overcome brain tumor and surgery after mother passed from brain cancer

She utilizes holistic health and fitness to live the life of a holistic entrepreneur.

TOP 5 WAYS TO OVERCOME Obstacles From Health Set Backs

1. Meditation


– talk about the side effects of the medication.

-Self humor about my side effects changing my speech and memory.

3. Nutrition

a key component. Anti-inflammatory diet, Apple cider vinegar, PH drops in water, etc.

lots of fluid intake

4. Will and fight to get back on my feet and off medication.

-And to realize I have to go thru the surgery’s side effects head on by not drugging myself with mind numbing meds to bypass them, knowing they sucked, but it would pass in time. Support of family and friends was crucial.

5. No self pity

Life changing event to created a mind of “live in the now” to embrace life’s change and be grateful to experience them.

-I used objective evaluation like Self video recording a journal of before and after. Each day’s subtle change and improvements.

-I wore Motivational t-shirts and I took care of myself still with beauty treatments.

Thank you so much Kim for your powerful insight. Where can we all continue to follow your journey?

This Week’s Challenge is Develop a Holistic Lifestyle Team 

You grew up with their posters on your wall; you pretended to be them as you practiced your favorite sport; you dreamt one day to walk in their footsteps, and you idolize them as real-life superheroes because they rise above the rest. Champion athletes like Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Michael Phelps, Bo Jackson, and Cameron Widoff all share a common secret. In addition to their natural talent, they have solid discipline and a strong work ethic that elevates them to champion status. They are the first ones to arrive at practice and the last ones to leave. Moreover, practice doesn’t end when they leave the field; it’s just beginning. With the help of a team of experts, they’ve mastered all of the secrets of a true champion: nutrition, supplementation, exercise, flexibility, quality sleep, stress management, positive mental attitude, the I.F. (Internal Fortitude) factor, and keeping it fun. They may have different philosophies about each of these elements, but bottom line, they all constantly work to fine-tune them.

A holistic lifestyle approach to health and fitness is cutting-edge information that most athletes, including professional athletes in every sport, aren’t taught. Only elite athletes understand the key to unlocking their true athletic potential is addressing all of these elements and making them a priority. They understand that it’s not only about hard work, but about working smart and keeping it fun. They are fortunate to see the big picture.

Champions surround themselves with a team of professionals. A champion racing team has an entire pit crew working in unity to ensure their high-performance car is running optimally, from monitoring the fuel, oil, and tire pressure to making wedge adjustments that give their driver the competitive edge in a high-tech sport. If there is any indication that something is wrong, the driver immediately brings the car in to the pit crew for evaluation.

The human body is a vastly more complex machine, far more valuable, and requires much more preventative maintenance. Yet unlike the racecar driver, who focuses on preventative maintenance, the typical person only focuses on issues when they arise. The typical person only sees a doctor when they’re sick, a dentist when they have a toothache, an optometrist when their vision needs to be checked, and a physical therapist when they need injury rehabilitation. We all know they are not experts in these fields, so we seek the guidance of a professional. Yet they seem to think they can simply read a fitness magazine, take one nutrition class, watch a movie, or talk to their friends, coaches, or parents to become experts in nutrition and fitness!

Therefore, the best investment you can make for your long-term vitality is developing the skill sets that will make you a champion in every facet of your life.

Success comes from creating the habits and rituals that will help you in the long term, as life is a marathon, not a sprint. These physical, mental, and emotional tools will help you look better, feel better, have more energy, and most importantly perform better all around. Today we gave you a glimpse into what the best of the best athletes do that takes them far beyond the playing field into a lifestyle of fitness, health, and happiness—and gives them an unseen edge over the competition. While I can’t make these changes for you, I can give you the resources to evoke the changes within yourself.

When you can work with the best of the best, why settle for less? If your looking to compete in a triathlon or train for the Iron Man, go to starting next week but in the meantime message me on and I will connect you.

If you are looking to transform the way you look, think, and feel then contact me directly to achieve your dream body.

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