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First, I have my new friend ACTOR & MARTIAL ARTIST THE ITALIAN BAD BOY CHUCK ZITO. Then, my friends, the co-founders of FITNESS SOCIAL DINA JUVE AND MELISSA OBERTI will be here with their TOP 5 WAYS TO MAKE FITNESS SOCIAL.” Lastly, I’ll be giving you your weekly challenge to help you live the life you want, the way you want it.

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My first guest…

Stared on such shows as OZ, Sons of Anarchy, as well as a featured part of The Howard Stern Show.

He’s been known as the go to celebrity bodyguard, having protected the who’s who of A list celebrities.

He’s the former President of the New York Hell’s Angels

Please welcome my new friend THE ITALIAN BAD BOY CHUCK ZITO.

Listen to hear Cuck’s answer to this question:

“Chuck it’s an absolute pleasure having you on the show. I have to say, when you google search Chuck Zito, it’s like a Where’s Waldo Book. You’re absolutely everywhere, and everyone has nothing but nice things to say about you. Is it your martial arts Ninja skills that have you able to be everywhere all the time?”

“I’ve been a martial artist since I was a teenager. My father was a professional boxer. First ring fight I was 12 years old. After seeing Bruce Lee as the Green Horney, I wanted to be a martial artist.”

Listen to hear Chuck’s story behind to this question:

“One of the quotes I heard that best encapsulates you is “The Man’s Got A Heart Of Gold and A Fist Of Steel.” Would you say that about sums it up?”

Listen to hear Chuck’s retort this question:

“You’re kind of like if the Fonz took on Martial arts and started lifting weights. Just so cool. Is this something you were born with?”

“If people had more respect and values in this world we’d be in a better place in this world.”

Listen to hear Chuck’s story of how the Hell’s Angels opened the door to me in the movie business. 

“You stared on the HBO prison Drama OZ as mobster Chucky Pancamo. What do you have in common with the character and where did you have to ham it up for the role?” 

“I did 6 years in prison. I got out and wound up on a prison show. I ended up like a technical advisor as I was the only one in prison in the show. My first day in the shoot, I fell asleep in a cell. When I woke up, I thought I was still in prison!”

Listen to hear Chuck’s answer to this question:

“You’re the former President of the New York Hell’s Angels. One of my favorite books is Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance, as my Dad was a big motorcycle guy back in the day. And the Hell’s Angels have been shown in two lights: as this iconic brotherhood of free spirits and also as a biker gang that you never want to cross. I also heard both Jerry Garcia and Hunter S. Thompson were involved with Hell’s Angels. Tell us about this involvement.” 

“There is a lot of the history in Hell’s Angels. Howard Houghes made a movie called Hell’s Angels in 1931. They took the name from the movie. Stated a motorcycle club from the name of the bomber squad.”

“I did 6 years in prison to protect and not rat on my friends and since I had nothing to say I did 6 years. I came out stronger and don’t take anything for granted. Fortunate to have a beautiful family.”

Listen to hear the cool stories behind this question: “You’ve protected some of Hollywood’s biggest stars as well as become one. Tell us what you’ve learned protecting the likes of Sly Stallone and Charlie Sheen?” 

You’ll roar laughing and feel like you’re on track after hearing the confession behind this question:

“So since I am a celebrity fitness and nutrition expert, we’ve got to talk about your sweet tooth Chuck. I love that you are able to find balance between eating healthy and training and enjoying my biggest vice as well, some ice cream. What’s your favorite choice?” 

Listen to hear Chuck talk about his coolest 57 Chevy on the planet. Describe your ride for those who haven’t seen it yet? 

“I worked for Deniro, Pachino, Joe Pesci, Stallone, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Pamela Anderson, Cher, and even an idol of mine Charles Bronson. Even Mohammed Ali, the greatest champion ever.”

“I got to work with Charlie Sheen during his 21 city tour when he got fired from 2 ½ men.” 

“I’ve got my show Chuck Zito’s View on Howard Stern’s Satellite Radio station.” 

My autobiography “Street Justice.”

Listen to hear about the street justice he performed on Jean Claude Van Dam in 1999.

Thank you so much CHUCK for sharing your empowering story. Where can we continue to follow your journey?


My next guest has ¼ of a million followers of her blog Stupid Easy Paleo

She is the author of The Paleo Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Food for Performance and The Performance Paleo Cookbook: Recipes for Eating Better, Getting Stronger & Gaining the Competitive Edge

Steph combines twelve years of formal education in biology / human physiology, science teaching experience, holistic nutrition training, and an unabashed love of tasty Paleo food.

Top 5 Mistakes Athletes Make When Switching to a Paleo Diet

1) Cutting out too many carbs
2) Eating too little volume
3) Forgetting about post-workout nutrition
4) Switching dietary protocol during the competition season
5) Neglecting hydration

Thank you so much LADIES for your empowering insight. Where can we all continue to follow your journey?


As a fitness professional as well as an entrepreneur, one of the biggest mistakes I see when someone achieves success either physically or financially, is a lack of humility.

While flashiness may initially lead to more social media likes or customers who want to buy your stuff, over time, the shine will dull, the honeymoon will be over, and you’ll be left with a negative brand and a tarnished legacy.

The key to success with walking the fine line of confidence and arrogance is a combination of gratitude and understanding one of the most valuable lessons my Mom ever taught me. Growing up, and still to this day, my Mom has always stressed, “It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.” When I was younger, I used to roll my eyes when she would say that. As I matured, I finally grasped the significance of its meaning.

For example, look at the storied careers of Chicago Bears Running Back Walter Peyton versus Terrell Owens. Walter Peyton was arguably one of the most talented and charismatic athletes of all time. On the field, he was the perfect representative of class; he’d knock a defender flat on his back and help him back up. When he’d score a touchdown, rather than show off, he’d let one of his lineman spike it. Off the field, he was outgoing but not arrogant, playful but not reckless. This choice earned him the nickname of sweetness as he stamped his legacy forever as one of the most beloved athletes in sports history. On the other hand, while Terrell Owens is ranked 3rd of all time amongst wide receivers in touchdowns and off the field never was arrested for any crimes or drug issues, over time his attitude left him unemployed with a tarnished legacy. Originally, fans were drawn by his charisma, which even earned him a reality TV show. However, over time, his lack of humility, bragging, and selfish diva attitude became so toxic that it was notorious for destroying the cohesiveness of multiple teams. So toxic that regardless of his talent and success on the field, no one would pick him up and fans booed him.

Success in most cases can be fleeting or cyclical. We all have moments of epicness as well as obstacles and setbacks.

What’s important when approaching others as well as displaying publicly and through social media is to focus on a communication goal.

Intellects always think two steps ahead. They not only think about what they are going to say, they also think about how will the those listening will respond to what they say. For instance, rather than simply putting something out there like “Check out my awesome six pack” or “look at how much money I just made,” humble people will shift the message to one that mirrors the title of this show, which is empowerment.

Instead of taking a “look at me, look at me” approach– which anyone with REAL sustained confidence or success will see as an amateur cry for attention and approval or a ploy to get them to give money— someone who is humble will typically include a note of gratitude and motivation whenever they show their results. For instance, if I were to show a picture of myself at 3% body fat, I would include a message like, “I’m grateful to have been given the guidance, the knowledge, and team to help me get to this level of extreme fitness. While this doesn’t need to be your goal, realize anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

So remember, as you gain success in fitness or financially, keep humble and communicate your message to educate and inspire not brag or degrade. Because at the end of the day, your legacy will be judged by the size of your heart, not your six pack or your bank account.

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