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Today, we have a PRIMAL group of friends talking “CHALLENGE THE NORM” here whose stories will empower you to take your life to the next level.


Lastly, I’ll be giving you your weekly challenge to help you live the life you want, the way you want it.

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My first guest…

Is the author of the Best-selling book The Primal Blueprint and publisher of the most highly-trafficked ancestral health site in the world

Please welcome my new friend Leader of The Paleolithic Movement Mark Sisson.

Your mission is to empower people to take full responsibility for their health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically thinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and fitness. What first sparked this natural health journey for you?

Fitness background distance runner, triathlete, Ironman competitor. 4th 1982 Ironman World championship. How was your nutrition back then and how have you molded a Paleolithic style of eating to endurance running? What success have you seen TRANSFORMING FROM A CARBIVORE INTO AN OMNIVORE?

You’ve pressed back against the 80s mantra of “No Pain No Gain” with a different approach of achieving a fit and healthy body with the least amount of pain, suffering, and sacrifice possible. As you’re your 60s, you’ve got the physique of a 20 something fitness model. How have you been able to find the balance and keep your body from breaking down?

So many athletes taught the idea of athletes needing to eat for function and not for taste. I say if you’re going to take the eliminating 1 of your 5 basic senses approach you might as well get rid of your sense of sight and smell, too. What tools have you recommended as far as finding balance between eating for function and performance and eating for taste and enjoyment?

Your book The Primal Blueprint was a best-selling hit.

Mark’s Daily Apple is the highest traffic Ancestral website. While your background was pre-med as a biology major, you have of the most clearly well-written blogs on the Internet. What inspired you to share your message online and what tricks have you learned to communicate complex information into easily digestible concepts?

Fatherhood and raising kids Paleo in a modern world. Kids always think their parents are crazy, especially teens. How have your kids taken to your philosophies and eating Paleo?

As your kids are grown now, we teach people to only eat food that spoils quickly, but kids who leave home at 6:30AM and don’t eat until 12 are in a bit of a conundrum. What do you recommend for kids and teens who want to eat Paleo for school lunch and snacks but not get beat up for carrying a cooler around with them?

Human Gut biome as the new frontier of health and nutrition.

What is your big vision for Mark’s Daily Apple?

Thank you so much MARK for sharing your empowering story. Where can we continue to follow your journey?


My next guest is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker affectionately known as the “Speaker for the Dreamer.”

He’s spent over the last 10 years dedicating his life to the betterment of young people, having inspired over ½ a million dreamers.

Please welcome my good friend Shaun Derik.

So Shaun and I met over 4 years ago where we were both contracted out to be big kids aka professional youth speakers at Disney World. Now there is nothing harder than getting kids attention for well over an hour at the happiest place on Earth. And Shaun you are a genius at it. Tell us your secrets.

Shaun you’ve been able to build a lucrative full time speaking business speaking to over 500,000 dreamers nationwide through organizations such as The National Police Athletics/Activities League, Ohio Mississippi Department of Education, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Future Business Leaders of America. Tell us about this experience.


Top 5: Five ways to Foster Friendships Worth Talking About. These are all great questions to ask:

The 5 Questions you should ask when building a healthy friendship?

  1. Are they doing better than you are?
  2. What do you offer to the friendship?
  3. Are you using the them to their highest potential?
  4. Are they a short term project or a long term project?
  5. If they left today, what would they have added to your life?

Upcoming projects: New Book Release (Aug 15th)

Thank you so much SHAUN for your empowering insight. Where can we all continue to follow your journey?

instagram: @shaunderik

twitter: @shaunderik

facebook: @speakerforthedreamer



This Week’s Challenge is to WIN ONE DAY AT A TIME

When it comes to setting goals for your fitness, business, relationships, you name it; we tend to set goals based on outcomes that can take months to achieve. Occasionally along the path, we may set benchmarks to see if we are on track. Yet by following this process, we are setting ourselves up for a rough road and a much higher chance of failing.

Instead, create an environment where you can win every day based on actions not outcomes. This will enable you to keep confidence and motivation rocking and build upon your success.

Let’s look at a Ferrari salesman for example. In 365 days, a successful Ferrari salesman may only sell 50. That means that roughly 85% of his days he won’t have a sale. Talk about depressing!

Yet by selling 50 Ferrari’s a year, he’ll have earned a lucrative salary. Now does that mean that he can take a low-key approach to work and only work 15% of the time? Hardly. On days where he’s not selling, he’s putting himself in a position to win by networking, following up on leads, building relationships with leads and strengthening relationships with potential repeat customers. In order to keep confident and inspired, a veteran Ferrari salesman should set daily activity bench marks to determine if that day is successful.

The same goes for your fitness and healthy lifestyle journey. Rather than jumping on a scale to determine if you’re program is working, spend each day congratulating yourself for the positive actions you take—like drinking water over soda, eating veggies over candy, going to the gym when you didn’t feel like going, saying an affirmation rather than beating yourself up over a critique, you name it.

So this week spend each day giving it your best. And if you have a bad day, don’t sweat it. Champions aren’t built on perfection. They’re built on consistent smart work and positive beliefs and momentum.

Thank you for listening to the Empower Hour. Remember that we’re live every Saturday from 9-10 on ESPN Radio 1700AM. You can listen live on your radio or from our ESPN livestream, or download our podcast on iTunes and connect with us on Facebook.

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