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Today, we have an A-list group of friends talking “PLAY THE LEADING ROLE IN YOUR LIFE” here whose stories will empower you to take your life to the next level.

First, I have live in studio my new friend the former Super Middleweight Boxing Champion of the world and celebrity personal trainer Danny Musico. Then, my friend Celebrity Personal Trainer Natasha Kufa will join us to give you her “TOP 5 WAYS TO PLAY THE LEADING ROLE IN YOUR LIFE.” Lastly, I’ll be giving you your weekly challenge to help you live the life you want, the way you want it. 

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My first guest

2-Time Boxing World Super Middleweight Champion

Celebrity Trainer who trained the who’s who for the what’s what: Demi Moore for G.I. Jane, Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby, Mark Wahlberg for The Fighter, Sylvester Stallone for Rocky Balboa, HBO’s “Entourage,” which he guest starred on from time to time, and currently as the Official Trainer for American Idol.

He’s also has a blossoming acting and modeling career, having been a regular cast member of Law & Order SVU, Third Watch, Joan of Arcadia, and Entourage.

Please welcome my new friend Danny Musico!

Listen to Hear Danny’s Answer to this question:

Today’s topic is “Play the leading role in your life.” From Captain of USA Boxing to 2-Time Boxing World Super Middleweight Champion to training the top celebs for their biggest roles, you’ve built your career on playing the leading role and helping others do so, too. At what point in your life did you step out of the shadows as a leader? 

“Never be afraid to take a challenge.”

“I started boxing for the local PAL at 10 years old.”

“I was a little fat kid with a dream.”

Listen to head Danny’s inspiring story of how he came back from near death and paralysis:

“There was a moment in your life where you were knocked down and almost knocked out forever. However, it wasn’t by a punch– but an out of control taxi. Can you tell us the story about what happened when you were about to compete in the Olympics?”

“When doctors told me I wouldn’t walk again, I said, ‘You don’t know me!’”

Listen to hear Danny’s secrets to training Mark Wahlberg.

Listen to hear Danny’s answer to this question:

You trained Demi Moore for G.I. Jane and Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby. What have you seen that’s different in the mindset of these powerhouse women that got them into spectacular super heroin shape?

When someone hasn’t thrown a punch before they are a blank canvas so they don’t have bad habits you need to reteach.”

“People like Demi Moore and Hillary Swank you don’t want to mess with in a dark ally.”

“Interval training will show you how long 30 seconds can be.”

“The Health Mate Sauna has become my new girlfriend! My clients go right in after a hard workout detoxify, relax and it has added so much to my clients and is one of the secrets world class experience.”

Listen to heard Danny’s unique answer to this question:

What leadership characteristics do you see similar amongst the A-listers you train that differs from the average person?

With HD TV you can see everything so you can’t touch up what goes on the big screen.

“My motto is get it done. I’ll sleep enough when I am dead. I don’t go to sleep until I have executed what I need to do. At the end of the day, I look myself in the mirror and make it happen.”

Listen to hear Danny’s answer to this question:

Most people let other people lead their lives. They need to be told exactly what to do, how to do it, where to go, how to live, how to think, and how to act. What advise would you give someone who wants to step outside of the norm and play the leading role in their life?

Live in studio Danny signs his contract with Aqua Health Labs and Jordan Markuson tells us all about the benefits of his only live, plant based alternative to processed fish oil Omega 3 supplements.

Where can we all continue to follow your knockout journey?

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Welcome back to “The Empower Hour.” I’m your host Kyle Brown. Remember that we’re live every Saturday from 9-10 on ESPN Radio 1700AM.

My next guest is here to give you her “Top 5 Ways Play The Leading Role In Your Life.”  Please welcome my friend celebrity personal trainer Natasha Kufa.

Career Highlights:

Natasha Kufa is an internationally renowned raw food nutritionist and fitness trainer from Germany.

She has Trained and prepared meals for superstars like Matthew McConohey, Ferge, Josh Dummel, Alanis Morisette, Judd Apatow, Ziggy Marley, Bear Grillys from Man vs. Wild, She co-stars with Heidi Klum as the trainer on this season’s Germany’s next top model


One thing Natasha and I have in common is that we’ve both been fortunate to work with so many celebrities who are not only famous but they are also good human beings. Our similar philosophies seem to attract celebrities who are both inspirational and come from a place of gratitude, which is rare in Hollywood.

Listen to hear Natasha’s “Top 5 Ways To Play The Leading Role In Your Life.”

“Celebrities I get to work with are normal, nice, down to earth people with great personalities.”

“We attract the type of people that we want to be surrounded by.” 

“Exercise does help your confidence and self-esteem and I see it in celebs. Matthew Mcconohay was in great shape but couldn’t run more than 20 minutes now he can run for 3 hours and he couldn’t believe he can do an 8 mile run.”

My thoughts:

“When it comes to training celebrities, they’re happy but not content. They need to set goals just like you to keep on top.”

“As a parent of 4 kids, I have had to have my private life and work life balanced and leave by example. I have to motivate people so I must lead by example.”

My thoughts:

“People who come up to you and say ‘How can I help you’ are the people who have usually made it and the people worth surrounding yourself.”

“There are always people want to ride on that carpet. The people who are in it, there is a reason they don’t have to brag about it. In fact, they don’t talk about it at all. Sometimes I hear about a project from the media. Celebrity clients don’t constantly talk about their projects.”

“Ferge was able to do a single arm cartwheel. You see these people being taller than they were before. They walk different.”

Thank you so much Natasha for all of that insight. So exciting to have you on my show and I love what you do to keep celebrities not only looking their best but living their best lives possible and giving back. 

This Week’s Challenge is to Play The Leading Role In Your Life. 

All to often, we play a supporting role in our own lives. We say yes to things we don’t want to do, stay in jobs that we hate, relationships that make us miserable, friendships that feel like a burden. We are afraid to speak our minds or do what we really want to do. We rationalize with excuses starting with words like, “One day” or “If only.”

One of the biggest regrets that people tend to have on their death beds is “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself rather than what others expect of me.”

When you’re on an airplane that is about to be put under pressure or potentially have to make an emergency landing, the first thing you need to do is put on your own oxygen mask… even before your children or spouse.

Such is true with life. If you don’t take care of your health, work in a career that allows you to express yourself and plays on your strengths and passions, associate with people and have a life partner who brings out the best in you, then you’re sitting in the backseat of your own car feeling Closter phobic and trapped with someone else driving.

Many of my clients come to me initially with goals of losing body fat or getting six pack abs. The truth is, once I start digging into their lives, I quickly learn that most people who show up overweight and out of shape are letting others play the leading role in their own lives. The feel stuck in their lives like quicksand living their lives around others expectations… trapping them from achieving true happiness and fulfillment.

How do you know if you’re not playing the leading role in your life?”

You make decisions based on your desire for the approval of others

Others easily sway or manipulate you

You feel overwhelmed by life

You blame others for your problems/situation

I am going through this exact situation at this time in my life. With the birth of my new son, I am now at a point where I need to elevate my own personal game to an even higher level to play the leading role in my life. The more my career blossoms, the more opportunities that come my way. The hardest yet most necessary thing for me is to own my schedule so that I can be a world class business man and a world class family man simultaneously.

How do you take the first steps towards playing the leading role in your life?:

1) Schedule your day. This includes not only your work but your fitness, your meals, your family time, and your social time. One of my mentors Pat Rigsby put it ever so eloquently when he said, “Why schedule business meetings with strangers and not schedule personal time with your family. Who’s more important?”

2) Set clearly defined boundaries. If something doesn’t work for you be clear with what is acceptable and what doesn’t work.

3) Learn how to say “No”. If something doesn’t better serve you or your family and there is no real pay off, pass on it. Don’t do things out of obligation or guilt. And if a situation seems exciting, ask yourself this one simple yet vital question, “Is this opportunity worth putting everything else aside?”

4) Keep laser focused. Remember your goals and your ideal lifestyle and keep your eyes on the prize.

5) Speak your truth. Placating people with words like “It’s ok” when they overstep their boundaries or take advantage of you is no different than lying to people to get what you want. Either way, you are not being your true self.

You’ll be surprised with how empowering it is to take control back and play the leading role in your life. Best of all, you’ll lead by example to your family and friends and inspire by your actions.

Remember that we’re live every Saturday from 9-10 on ESPN Radio 1700AM. download our podcast on itunes anytime.

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Thank you for listening to the Empower Hour. Remember that we’re live every Saturday from 9-10 on ESPN Radio 1700AM. You can listen live on your radio or from our ESPN livestream, or download our podcast on itunes anytime.

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Thank you for listening to the Empower Hour. Remember that we’re live every Saturday from 9-10 on ESPN Radio 1700AM. You can listen live on your radio or from our ESPN livestream, or download our podcast on itunes anytime.

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