Good morning welcome to the Empower Hour on ESPN RADIO, I’m your host Kyle Brown.

Today, we have a creative group of friends talking “EXPRESS YOUR PASSION” here whose stories will empower you to take your life to the next level.

First, I have my new friend CELEBRITY MAKE UP ARTIST AND LADY GAGA’S BFF TARA SAVELO. Then, my new friend Founder and CEO of FITNESS RICH Transformation Expert CHLOE KAROUB will be here with her TOP 5 WAYS TO GET FITNESS RICH.Lastly, I’ll be giving you your weekly challenge to help you live the life you want, the way you want it.

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My 1st guest is Lady Gaga’s BFF and personal make up artist

As a fine artist, her portraits with Robert Wilson of Lady Gaga can be seen in the Louvre in Paris.

She’s a brilliant artist with a beautiful mind.

Please welcome my new friend TARA SAVELO.

1st off Tara from everything I’ve read I can say you’re a true artist and that you were born this way (pun intended). And I am credentialed to say so seeing that I grew up with a Mom as an art teacher.

Listen to hear Tara’s epic journey from The Church of Scientology to Haus of Gaga.

“Ever since I was a little girl I have always drawn and painted. Played guitar and piano. Music was my therapy.”

“Listening to music by the water I didn’t realize I was meditating.”

“When in a group of people so much talent creating wave of energy add music into it the energy explodes.”

“I never knew I could paint, but when Gaga was painting Art Pop album, she kept encouraging me to paint. The music in studio was extra loud and as she recorded I would sit in studio and paint. Found it was therapy where I created all these enormous paintings.”

“What I create for my job is obvious beauty. But what I find fascinating and transfixing is something that is intangible.”

Kyle’s point:

“The entire scene is around a Gaga concert is to pull you into the scene stop what you are doing and pay attention to what you say. This is done through the make up and the art.”

Listen to hear Tara’s behind the scene answer to this question:

“Having grown up in Scientology, you didn’t receive your social security number until you turned 16. You studied to be a spiritual advisor from 8 years old on and were counseling middle aged church members at 9. Tell us about that experience.”

“The little Monsters and Tarcorns are amazing! So creative so artistic.”

Listen to hear Tara’s answer to this question:

You travelled the world with Lady GaGa, including her infamous art rave. Tell us about the experience. 

Thank you so much Tara for sharing your empowering story. Where can we continue to follow your journey?


Founder and CEO of FITNESS RICH Transformation Expert CHLOE KAROUB 


  • CEO and founder of fitness rich, which is an online community centered around fitness nutrition and mindset mastery
  • Former D1 Tennis singles star
  • She is a true instagodess which she inspires over 300k fans with inspiration and her journey via instagram


  1. Eat like royalty.
    • High quality real food
  2. Train like the world class
    • Tell us about your experience as a competitive tennis player?
  3. Get accountability
  4. Be consistent
  5. Think big (don’t underestimate your potential or self worth)

Thank you so much Chloe for your powerful insight. Where can we all continue to follow your journey? 


As a kid, we go through parent-teacher conferences hearing this is where little Kyle excels and these are his areas for improvements. Yet as we grow up, we never focus on doing that for ourselves. In this era of on one side self-defeating mentality and on the other side striving for constant never-ending self improvement, many times we forget to sit back and relish in our awesomeness.

I am totally guilty of this behavior. I have dedicated the last decade plus to self improvement and self-empowerment. I immersed myself into the ideology of hustle and at times beaten myself up over not achieving everything I want at a fast enough pace. For the last few months, I hyper focused on my goals and really got caught up in this phenomenon.

And then I slept. For me, sleep was the ultimate mentor. Maybe it was a simple recharge like a cell phone battery or maybe it was a subconscious way to plug into the universe connect with my creator. But when I awoke, I had an insight that had me changing my views to a higher level.

I realized I came from a place of not only exhaustion and feeling of needing to improve, but once I slept I had more energy, more power, and my confidence and rational thinking skyrocketed.

So for this week’s challenge I want you to spend each day doing what I did which is to step back and say out loud, “Wait. I freaking rock! My life is epic! I bring so much value to the world. I’m already awesome!”

Now go outside and play like a kindergartener with a big grin knowing that fact.

Thank you for listening to the Empower Hour. Remember that we’re live every Saturday from 9-10 on ESPN Radio 1700AM. You can listen live on your radio or from our ESPN livestream, or download our podcast on itunes and connect with us on facebook.

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